the power within the numbers

the power within the numbers

prevero.core.9 - hyper.cube technology is the power within the numbers that makes it possible to do whatever you need to do with your Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence solution with speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Fast, intuitive and familiar programming-free interface for rapid implementation and everyday use

With prevero.core.9 platform incorporating prevero.hyper.cube multi-dimensional data technology, Business Intelligence possibilities are almost endless: slice and dice, drill down, roll up, pivot and splash. Align data content with familiar visualisation for insightful discovery - store regular processes for instant recall - remove the risk of over-extended and complicated worksheet formula with flexible and consistent prevero.hyper.cube data containment and worksheet formula analysis.


platform green cube prevero.core.9

platform green cube prevero.hyper.cube native multi-dimensional data technology

platform green cube rapid and easy to use self-service BI

Users will adopt with ease, the familiar prevero.worksheet environment for everyday tasks, suitable for use across a number of sectors for industry processes including aviation forecasting, sport sector intelligence and manufacturing forecasting. The prevero.core.9 cloud based business model - designed for rapid implementation, has more than 1000 predefined structure elements which ensure that your data is reliable, consistent and facilitates fast and efficient processes. Data input is managed and controlled and dependent values are automatically calculated with the superior prevero analytics engine. 

platform green cube Rapid implementation business model component architecture

platform green cube 1000 plus predefined structure element

platform green cube Familiar prevero.worksheet environment for Self-Service BI

platform green cube Superior prevero analytics engine

Complete native environment for multi-dimensional data management and super-fast in-memory processing

Speed is vital for dynamic budgeting, planning and forecasting. Maximising the potential of in-memory performance, prevero.hyper.cube multidimensional data loads into main memory using unique compression techniques and algorithms to deliver live, real-time performance. Analyses and queries that had to be processed over night with traditional database technologies are now available immediately at super-fast speeds from our cloud based database, with many tasks stored ready for instant recall.

platform green cube Super-fast in-memory prevero.core.9 native database

platform green cube prevero.hyper.cube multidimensional data management

Integrating data from across the entire enterprise is essential for powerful business intelligence. prevero.core.9 has over 30 predefined connectors and ETL for combining, blending and rapidly consolidating data from across the enterprise ERP, CRM and financial accounting solutions providing transparent access to all source systems.


platform green cube Over 30 predefined data source connectors

platform green cube prevero.core.9 native ETL

Secure on-premise or private cloud hosting with responsive browser-based collaborative working

prevero browser based interface
prevero secure on site hosting
prevero platfrom as a service

prevero.core.9 bi-directional data flow empowers collaborative sharing and data management across the enterprise within a browser based responsive workspace for optimal productivity and information flexibility and agility.

prevero intelligence solutions are provided as a secure on-premise installation or facilitated as a  PaaS - Platform as a Service secure hosting as your business demands.


platform green cube Browser based responsive workspace

platform green cube Bi-directional data flow

platform green cube Secure on-premise installation

platform green cube PaaS - Platform as a Service secure hosting

powerful business intelligence - responsive to your needs

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prevero.core.9 is the gateway to your intelligence world, wherever and whenever you need it. Dynamic interaction - safe and secure - connected or in the cloud.
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