Panel Discussion: "How will machine learning and predictive analytics impact FP&A?" - Part 1

Presented by Lauysa Melnychuk, Managing director of FP&A Trends Group.

Panel list

Tanbir Jasimuddin, Finance Project Manager, Bond Dickinson
Matthias Thurner, CTO prevero
Anthony Saxby, Team lead cloud, Microsoft

Gain a better understanding of what Machine learning and predictive analytics are and what it can do for your business.

prevero London City Tour May 2017

Catch up on the highlights of our Event from May 2017 when we met to discuss the implementation of prevero with our customers and prospects, as well as hosting a panel discussion on 'How will Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics impact FP&A?'.

How Hotels & More have Improved Margins and Driven Growth

Discover how Hotels & More have transformed their finance function with an integrated financial planning solution to improve margins and drive growth in the business.

Customer Success & Experience - Michael Kohl, Managing Director, RWE Gasspeicher GmbH

Hear from Michael Kohl, Managing Director of RWE Gas Storage as he discusses how his business uses prevero to improve their Customer Experience and deliver greater successes.

The Future of the Finance Function - Gary Simon, Chief Executive, FSN

In a benign world where interest rates are low, share prices are high and inflation is low, companies are failing at a faster rate than 30 years ago. Discover why with Gary Simon, Chief Executive of FSN as he discusses with Finance leaders at the prevero UK Launch event in London.

KPI Dashboards: Automated Reporting

How does George finalise and distribute his board packs in minutes?

Now that the the last submission has been finalised, George needs to collate and distribute the management report to the board. With prevero this can be completed easily and quickly, without anything being forgotten.

KPI Dashboards: Data Collation & Entry

How does Naomi keep on top of submitting here data for the monthly board meeting?

Our prevero solution provides reminders to line managers to get their submissions in on time and stores your supporting documents and figures in one place, that’s easy to access.

Sales Planning: A Top Down Approach

Christian is a busy sales employee who doesn’t have much time to monitor and update his forecasts. He needed a solution that would remind him to submit his figures on time whilst making it quick and simple to complete.

Our solution can offer all this whilst also providing guidance on his Sales Forecasts through Predictive Analytics.

Sales Planning: A Bottom Up Approach

How are you planning your budget for the next financial year?

See how you can securely manage your planning process with prevero; easily lock and unlock regions once numbers are finalised, recalculate with a click and alter numbers manually with our intuitive interface.

An ideal FP&A Professional

70% to 80% of global CFO’s admit that FP&A (Financial Planning and Analysis) is the most difficult position to fill in an organisation. Larysa Melnychuk, Founder and MD of FP&A Trends Group.

Sponsored by prevero.

A new era for FP&A

The evolution of financial planning and analytics. Larysa Melnychuk, Founder and MD of FP&A Trends Group.

Sponsored by prevero.

Best Rolling Forecast Practice

Many companies attempt to implement Rolling Forecasts, but not all of them are successful. So what can you do to ensure you achieve your aims? Find out as Larysa Melnychuk from FP&A Trends discusses.

Sponsored by prevero.

FP&A: Analytical Transformation

Check where your company is placed now at the maturity ladder and see what should be done in order to move closer to the leading analytical stage. Find out more as Larysa Melnychuk from FP&A Trends discusses.

Sponsored by prevero.

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prevero - Can we make your life easier?

Discover how some of our customers have been using prevero to make life easier for their CFOs and Financial Directors.

Hear from our Customers...

Hear from our customers as they explain how they use prevero and why they chose prevero to support their business.

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