Business Intelligence, Dashboards, and Analytics

Business Intelligence software from prevero

Prevero provides everything you need to transform disparate sources of financial data into actionable business intelligence. An extensive library of template-driven content makes it easy for power-users and end-users to create bespoke analyses, reports, charts, and simulation models for particular sectors or specialist fields with speed and agility.

Predictive analytics

Surface risks and opportunities by uncovering the patterns in historical data. Our state-of-the-art modelling enables you to see the hidden relationships. You can assign a predictive score for individual entities like customers, SKUs, employees and more, in order to inform organisational processes across your business.

Data Visualisation

prevero’s intuitive data visualisations enhance your budgeting and forecasting, improving how you to plan, manage, mitigate, and succeed in increasingly competitive markets.

Create reports, charts and models from any combination of data. Focus on identifying key drivers of profitability and growth, adapting more quickly to changing market conditions, and providing more powerful strategic insights.


Dashboards have become vital to effective business decision-making. Prevero allows you to track relevant KPIs using live data, creating instant graphical presentations of the current status while revealing historical trends.

Whether you need a departmental dashboard showing real-time numbers related to productivity, sales or staff recruitment or an overall financial progress report, prevero gives you an edge.

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