Risk Planning Software

Risk Planning software from prevero

From globalisation, to increasing competitive pressure, to new legal requirements, today’s corporates face a multitude of factors requiring effective risk management.

Complying with legal documentation and monitoring regulatory obligations are just two components of an effective risk management system. In addition to abiding by external rules, the broad concept of compliance includes measuring how closely a company is meeting its own internal specifications: company values, rules, processes, and how that impacts business objectives.

What are the risks implied by the company strategy? How can risk management support the achievement of company objectives?

prevero has the Answer

prevero Risk Planning provides companies of all sizes with software tools to identify and evaluate relevant risks, and make those measurements an integral part of the controlling process.

The system provides extensive documentation that allows finance teams to evaluate and understand the company situation at all times. In the case of an adverse event, the system supports crisis management by allowing finance teams to switch on pre-defined countermeasures. The financial effects of these risk-based measures can also be directly incorporated into financial planning.

That makes prevero Risk Planning an effective controlling instrument that enables users to actively influence the company‘s success.  It offers a number of natural connection points to other central applications, such as comprehensive key figure systems, strategy management, as well as internal and external reporting.