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  • The Rise of the Strategic Finance Function

    Tuesday, 12 December 2017

    Lately, I’ve noticed a significant uptick in the number of connections I have on LinkedIn who now list Strategic Finance as their primary job description.

    As someone who has spent nearly two decades helping organizations achieve greater competency in their Strategic Planning capabilities, I’m very excited to see organizations embrace this term and give Strategic Planning the credit it deserves.

  • Drawing the Line Between Strategic and Tactical Planning

    Tuesday, 05 December 2017

    Driver-based planning and rolling forecasts have been two of the hottest subjects in FP&A in recent years. Fueled by the need for directional insight and agility, most FP&A teams are now considering these modeling techniques to be must-haves for their organization.

    Despite the fact that these concepts represent obvious choices for better predictive planning, many companies are still finding it difficult to implement them successfully. This is troubling, especially as the next frontier of prescriptive (AI) planning is already upon us. Falling too far behind could be a real problem.

    So why are so many companies still struggling to master driver based-planning and rolling forecasts?

  • Financial Modeling Innovation: Your Financial Model can save lives!

    Tuesday, 28 November 2017


    When I started my corporate career 20 years ago I would never have imagined connecting the analytical skills I developed to social issues like obesity, youth homelessness, the criminal justice system, social and affordable housing or any other impact investment programs and interventions.

    Then again, why would I? I studied accounting, finance, tax (I try to forget that I did auditing too) and not social sciences, medicine, law and justice.

    However, like technology has infiltrated and changed almost all aspects of our lives, the need for financial modeling skills has expanded across a much broader part of the business and now social world. It is no longer limited to investment banking corporate and project finance transactions.

    It was really by fate that I stumbled across this opportunity whilst working at a large corporate. I was looking for purpose and a way to contribute to society other than my volunteer days planting a tree. Not that there is anything wrong with planting trees, but after having planted dozens I wanted to apply my passion and skills rather than my spade to help the world we lived in.

    Since then I have built more than half a dozen financial models to support bids to the NSW, VIC and QLD governments for either social benefit bonds or affordable housing infrastructure.