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Finance & Insurance
  • ABB


    “With some 16 defined sub functions ranging across production, engineering, project management and field assembly, it was essential that we streamlined the processing of data from our ERP system – eliminating the need for multiple data entry. Selecting a best practice corporate performance management solution from prevero will make a significant contribution towards achieving ABB’s target objectives.”

    Georges Häusermann, Head of Finance and Accounting, ABB

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  • Acta Marine Group

    Acta Marine Group

    “Although this project wasn’t easy, the continuous progress gave us the energy to keep moving forward. The quarterly reporting is quite extensive, but it takes much less time. Moreover, we now have insight in the results per ship, per segment, per region and per project. Based on this information, we are now much better equipped to support our management.”

    Tycho Groen, CFO, Acta Marine

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    "prevero enables us to make better decisions in a shorter period of time. One of prevero's major advantages is that the product can be customized to meet individual needs and requirements."

    Mario Prinz, Business Process Manager

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  • AIT


    "In the past, grant accounting took several days. Now it is possible at the push of a button. This is a significant increase in efficiency."
    "However, for us, prevero's biggest asset is its high level of flexibility. The system enables us to represent all special characteristics of a research company in the system in the best possible way."

    Gerald Karolyi, Head of Business Management and Group Controlling

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  • Arriva


    “Before working with professional planner, our controlling system consisted of linked spreadsheets. The profit and loss statement was developed thoroughly, whereas cash flow and balance sheets were neglected. Cash flow and balance sheet analysis, as well as forecasts, were only carried out on a basic level. Adjusting reports was a complex task, which was preferably done at the start of a new year.”

    Robert Schildkamp, Controller Arriva Personenvervoer Nederland B.V.

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  • Automic Software

    Automic Software

    "We benefit from numerous advantages using prevero 8. These include independence from the subject matter, the elimination of distribution issues, a lighter workload for the IT department, decentralized data collection, Excel exports,..."

    Thomas Bauer, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis

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    "prevero allows for flexible structuring, as well as effortless grouping of products, customers and countries. We also benefit from this flexibility when making changes in the company structure, which has to be done from time to time in a company operating worldwide like ours. Depicting these changes in the hierarchy always was a challenge when we were working with the SAP system. In prevero, however, this doesn't pose any problems."

    Cornelia Schweizer, Area Manager Global Sales Coordination

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  • Bond Dickinson

    Bond Dickinson

    “At Bond Dickinson, we believe that the better we know our clients the better the service we can deliver. We take time to understand each of our clients and adapt what we do to suit their requirements. This tailored service drives our success and we want to use that success to model the business. Through prevero we will have more detailed and accurate data that is simple to analyse and draw conclusions from. We believe the business will really benefit from this level of intelligence, and that it will help us deliver the best service for our customers in the future. I want to ensure our business planning and analysis is world class, and I’m confident prevero delivers us the technology we need to support that aim.”

    Martin Lucas, Finance Director, Bond Dickinson

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  • BRP-Powertrain GmbH & Co. KG

    BRP-Powertrain GmbH & Co. KG

    "professional planner is an excellent tool for companies and consultants, which supports the company’s controlling process in a flexible and efficient way. We are completely satisfied with our decision to opt for professional planner."

    Mag. Peter Ölsinger Head of Controlling

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  • CitizenM


    "The financial effects of new hotel strategies can be simulated easily with professional planner."

    Warmold van der Feltz, Group Controller, citizenM

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  • City of Dortmund

    City of Dortmund

    "With approximately 8,000 employees, the Dortmund city administration is responsible for the residents’ registration office, offers counseling for socially disadvantaged persons and maintains public parks and gardens."


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  • DEW21


    "The goal of setting up a data processing-based planning and information system with low IT capacity requirements for the operation of the entire system was achieved within a very short time. Since the implementation of the project, we have been able to improve and accelerate our controlling and decision processes."

    Karin Kray, Head of Controlling

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  • Fresenius


    "Up to now, we’ve been working with two plans: a quantity based plan devised by the supply chain and another one developed by the sales department based on sales planning according to quantiti es and prices. Of course, these two plans didn’t necessarily correspond to each other. Before the introduction of the new software, the controlling department sent out Excel lists to all countries. Each country had to enter the precise quantities they were planning to sell of particular products in certain months. Afterwards, the completed lists were returned to the controllers, who tried to consolidate the figures provided by the sales department with the quantities planned in a logistics-based system."

    Theresia Schnell, Head of Business Process Management

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  • Gelsenwasser AG - prevero DirectTouch

    Gelsenwasser AG - prevero DirectTouch

    "We have been working with prevero’s integrated platform for about ten years. Currently, we are using it for business planning, reporting, water price calculation, sales controlling in the area of electricity, to manage risks in contracting as well as for contribution margin calculation in our laboratory company. In the future, we will also use it to carry out sales controlling for water/gas and to calculate procurement risks."

    André Stoffel, Department of Cost & Performance Accounting

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  • Gelsenwasser AG - prevero Risk

    Gelsenwasser AG - prevero Risk

    "We are impressed with prevero's comprehensive Self-Service BI approach. Our employees can carry out simple analysis themselves and administrators have the possibility to further develop the solution intuitively. In this way, we save external costs and a great deal of time, which we can use for individual risk reporting in further companies outside the group. Moreover, prevero’s versatile analysis options and efficiency improvements allow us to put a stronger focus on managing risks and developing detailed security measures."

    Monika Kupich, Risk Management

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  • GoCompare


    "We rely on customer data insight to make good business and planning decisions daily, so the speed and intelligence prevero can provide us with will be invaluable. Its advanced planning and modelling capabilities, innovative roadmap, the ability to handle granular data on a daily basis, and its quick implementation time were particularly impressive."

    Dominic Easton, Head of Finance

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    "With professional planner, the creation of forecasts has become faster, more reliable and more convenient.
    In this way, we gain time for qualified analyses."

    Thomas Schmitt, Head of Division Equipment AG Controlling, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG"

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  • Helbling


    "Thanks to prevero, we can now react much faster. After a small amount of practice, our management needs less time for budgeting than before. We also expect a shorter preparation period in the finance and IT departments for the creation of the planning framework as well as a decreased support effort."

    Marcel Fäh, CFO

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  • Hirschvogel Automotive Group

    Hirschvogel Automotive Group

    "The software’s flexibility and intuitive handling amazed us right from the start. For us, it was a mind-blowing experience to be able to model everything according to our individual requirements. All dimensions, key figures and business logics had to be created from scratch, but this also meant that virtually everything was possible."

    Ralf Bergmann, Head of Controlling Group

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  • Holding Graz

    Holding Graz

    “professional planner is our central medium for business planning and reporting. The software is flexible, easy to handle and offers us 100% data reliability. Our performance has been considerably enhanced.

    I did not want to reinvent the wheel. Our activities have changed fundamentally with professional planner. Thanks to the great time savings, we are now able to perfectly support the management in its work."

    Mag. Dieter Rudorfer, Head of Group Controlling & Investment Management

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  • Hotels and more

    Hotels and more

    "prevero is widely recognised as a market leader in the fields of CPM and BI and in selecting its solutions we benefit from having full visibility of transactional data whenever we need it as data is imported as close to real time as possible. We can see customer and market trends at a glance, creating an agility to support not only the flexibility in speed of action but manage adaptable and if required alternative customer solutions, the collective result of which ensures we optimise the output. Having all our data in one place means we have the ability to produce timely and accurate reports at the click of a mouse, and comprehensively analyse our performance."

    Mark Pharoah

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  • Liebherr


    "Initially we want to concentrate on our reporting procedures. We will use the new prevero tool to visualize performance against targets using key performance indicators in the form of dashboards. The project was vitally important to both the IT teams and the finance department, who see themselves as a ‘one-stop-shop’ service provider to users."

    Stefan Bleicher, MBA, Head of the MCC Division BICC team, Liebherr

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  • Mooy Logistics

    Mooy Logistics

    “With professional planner, we are flexible in meeting ad hoc reporting demands and we are able to fulfill our periodic reporting requirements quickly. This enables us to control costs and results effectively. Apart from the standard reports, it is very convenient to be able to analyze specific periods or parts of the company to gain a better insight. The annual budget report used to be very time consuming, now we can update forecasts four times a year, on top of the yearly budget."

    René Noordam, Controller

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  • OdernemerWijzer


    "OndernemerWijzer picks up where the accountant leaves off. The unique combination of accountancy, controlling and coaching achieves great results for our clients in terms of growth and being in control."

    Martijn Driessen, partner, OndernemerWijzer

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  • Pilkington NSG Group

    Pilkington NSG Group

    "Processing data and creating Excel files, which used to be a week-long process in the past, has now become a simple background calculation. It can be started with a few clicks and is completed within 30 minutes. This is an excellent example for the great time savings we have with prevero. This time can now be used for qualitative analysis."

    Maik Korzen, Head of Financial Controlling

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  • Ricola


    “The prevero consulting team’s impressive know-how and commitment. Moreover, the chemistry between the consultants and the Ricola project team is strong, which provides an excellent basis for a successful implementation."

    Andreas Lindner, CFO

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  • Stadtwerke Düren

    Stadtwerke Düren

    "Thanks to Self-Service BI, our costs were reduced considerably. prevero is established as a BI tool and we no longer work with isolated applications. Since we have been working with the solution, it serves as a single point of truth that enables us to read out all the figures we need and make them available for the management as well as other users on different levels. Consequently, we can definitely recommend prevero."

    Björn Rick, Group and Subsidiary Controller

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  • Stadtwerke Osnabrück

    Stadtwerke Osnabrück

    "prevero provides us with a simple, elegant solution. We were able to significantly increase performance thanks to the combination of an optimized interface and higher server performance."

    Stefan Bartke, Finance & Controlling

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  • SV Group

    SV Group

    "The solution's reporting functions are used by approximately 850 users, who gave us nothing but positive feedback on the provided reports", says Bernhard Loser. Now they get exactly the reports they need in a much shorter period of time. The solution is so easy to use that it only takes two internal power users to maintain and further develop it. Because of these positive experiences, we would opt for prevero again anytime."

    Bernhard Loser, Group Controller

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  • Swiss Life

    Swiss Life

    "The quality of our forecast noticeably increased with prevero. At the push of a button, we can carry out our planning fast and comfortably, generate reports and perform analyses."

    Oliver Hagstotz, Senior Controller

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  • Swisscom


    "Working with prevero, we gain valuable time to carry out analyses and create reports in order to control our company more efficiently. prevero enabled us to integrate three systems into prevero project performance management with an implementation period of only 3,5 months - we are very happy with this solution!"

    Florian Huber, Central Controlling

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  • Swissgrid


    "prevero provides us with a homogeneous platform for flexible and consistent corporate performance management. It enables us to merge, process and distribute all data relevant for decisions. It is an integrated solution offering transparency and planning security while providing a consistent look & feel, code base and process logic."

    Luca Baroni, CFO

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  • Villeroy & Boch

    Villeroy & Boch

    "With the introduction of the prevero risk management tool, the previous lack of transparency and time-consuming processing via Excel will be a thing of the past. Our primary goal for financial planning is to work within an integrated system with uniform planning logic throughout the Group. We also wanted an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The prevero software has fulfilled all our requirements. It is extremely flexible and supports self-service, so our users can work independently."

    Pascal Speicher, Corporate Financial Controller and CPM project manager, Villeroy & Boch

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