Customer Testimonials

Your satisfaction is our number one priority

At prevero Group your success is our total focus. We pride ourselves in delivering solutions on time, in budget and we will always go that extra mile to ensure our customers are happy. For this reason, we consistently achieve excellent results in global satisfaction surveys.

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  • ABB

    "prevero will make a significant contribution towards achieving ABB’s target objectives."

  • Acta Marine Wind  Services B.V.

    "We now have insight in the results per ship, per segment, per region and per project."

  • Agrana

    "One of the major advantages is that the product can be customized to meet individual needs and requirements."

  • Agravis Raiffeisen AG

    "With prevero, we achieved a significantly higher level of transparency in sales planning."

  • AIT Austrian Institue of technology

    "For us, prevero's biggest asset is its high level of flexibility."

  • Amprion

    "The consultants of prevero have integrated themselves into our team smooth."

  • Aqualisa

    "The new system will support our people to make confident decisions quickly"

  • Arko

    "Our responsiveness has increased significantly. We can react to changed customer requirements faster."

  • Arriva

    "Reduced maintenance effort and a smaller scope of interpretation due to standardized reports."

  • Auto Bach

    "prevero has proven as a milestone for the future-orientated management of the business success."

  • Automic

    "We benefit from numerous advantages using prevero including the elimination of distribution issue."

  • Berentzen - Gruppe AG

    "The BI tools of preveroprovide us with the flexibility we need to analyze our company data."

  • Bizerba

    "prevero allows for flexible structuring, as well as effortless grouping of products, customers and countries."

  • Bocholter Energie (BEW)

    "We really enjoy working with prevero due to the depth of information it offers as well as the function."

  • BRP Rotax

    "We are completely satisfied with our decision to opt for prevero."

  • CitizenM

    "With prevero easy execution of simulations and scenario analyses."

  • City of Dortmund

    "With prevero dynamic interfaces to harness and complement other systems."

  • DEW21

    "Automated plan and actual report with significantly faster planning processes."

  • Diamond AirCraft

    "In prevero, all variants are displayed and compared separately."


    "Thanks to prevero's high level of flexibility and adaptability to our company-specific requirements."

  • Donau-Universitat Krems

    "We gain a lot of time thanks to a consistent data basis that can be accessed by several users at once."

  • Doppler

    "Working with prevero is luxury."

  • DSW 21

    "prevero personnel controlling provides us with the required level of planning security."


    "Employees can obtain the required data in a fast and accurate way."

  • EmilFrey

    "An intensive exchange of information within the workforce that serves to improve the quality of information."

  • Erni Electronics

    "Display highlights deviations and proportions faster."

  • FH Campus Wien

    "An advantage we appreciate even more is the improved data quality."

  • Fircroft

    “We look forward to seeing the project achieve its strategic objectives.”

  • GAG Immobilien

    "prevero has the full confidence of our entire company."

  • Galliford Try

    "The solution is very simple to use and it is freeing up time for us to focus on our core business"

  • Gelenwasser AG - Risk

    "Consistent risk classification and structuring specified in the system."

  • GelsenWasser DirectTouch

    "Using prevero, a number of individual operations in different degrees of complexity can be carried out."

  • Gimborn

    "We are very satisfied with the solution and would absolutely recommend it to others."

  • GoCompare

    "prevero's quick implementation time were particularly impressive."

  • Helbling

    "Greater transparency and more reliable budgeting with a lower error rate."

  • Helios Kliniken GmbH

    "We now enjoy the transparency we need in order to compete successfully."

  • Hirschvogel Automotive Group

    "The software is so convenient – it‘s almost addictive."

  • Holding Graz

    "Confidence in the forecasts in all involved departments."

  • Hotels & More

    "We benefit from having full visibility of transactional data whenever we need it."

  • Howoge

    "With prevero transparency is achieveble."

  • Kemmler

    "With prevero, creating pages and integrating objects of all kinds can be carried out much faster."

  • Koller

    "prevero supports our controlling in the best possible way."

  • Lew Verteilnetz

    "We are impressed with the exceptional flexibility."

  • Mack & Schühle

    "Thanks to prevero, we are now able to support our management in a better way."

  • Mainfranken Netze

    "The system combines the added value of a flexible key figure database with comprehensive functionalitie."

  • Meffert

    "I'm saving about ten working days during budgeting and forecasts."

  • Meiller

    "We have found the right tool to sustainably support us."

  • Melitta

    "We are very happy with our decision to opt for prevero."

  • Migros Basel

    "prevero simplified our controlling processes considerably."

  • Mooy Logistics

    "Changes in the company structure can be carried over to the management information system easily."

  • MVV Energie

    "prevero can be used intuitively by the respective user groups."

  • OdernemerWijzer

    "prevero enables us to support our clients pro-actively."

  • Optima

    "Unit4 Prevero is our single source of truth"

  • Pfalzwerke

    "We appreciate most is the profound industry expertise of the consultants."

  • Pfeifer

    "prevero provides us with an all-in-one solution for sales management."

  • Pilkington NSG Group

    "Great time savings we have with prevero." .

  • RhönEnergie Fulda

    "We can easily depict ‘unbundling' with prevero. "

  • Richter Pharma

    "We are extremely satisfied with the developments."

  • Ricola

    "The prevero consulting team’s impressive know-how and commitment."

  • RVM

    "The support from prevero in both the planning and implementation phase was consistently professional."


    "Thanks to prevero, we are always one step ahead."

  • Seeberger

    "The solution enables us to meet our requirements regarding controlling, sales and production."

  • Soka Bau

    "prevero's most important advantage is its transparency."


    "Today, all of us are agree that we made the right decision."


    "prevero's biggest advantages are its easy handling, clear structure and customization options."


    "Easier and more comprehensive planning."

  • Stadtwerke Energie Jena-Pößneck

    "prevero is very agile and offers all advantages of integrated planning."

  • Stadtwerke Frankfurt

    "If we had to make a decision today, we would always opt for the integrated business management of prevero."

  • Stadtwerke Heidelberg

    "We greatly appreciate prevero's high implementation expertise and profound knowledge."

  • Stadtwerke Osnabrück

    "I am a big fan of prevero."

  • Stadtwerke Sindelfingen

    "Thanks to prevero, we now have the opportunity of delivering the necessary facts and figures."

  • Stadtwerke Witten

    "Highly satisfied that we can now break down our planning, analyses and simulations."

  • Start:bausparkasse

    "We benefit from decreased monitoring tasks."

  • SV Group

    "The solution is so easy to use that it only takes two internal power users to maintain."

  • Swiss Life

    "The quality of our forecast noticeably increased with prevero."

  • Swisscom

    "Working with prevero, we gain valuable time to carry out analyses and create reports."

  • Swissgrid

    "prevero provides us with a platform for flexible and consistent corporate performance management."

  • SWKiel Netz

    "prevero's new solution enables us to comfortably and efficiently manage key figures."

  • tegut

    "The combination of prevero with mySAP creates an effective, exemplary synthesis."

  • tejo

    "prevero is able to reflect the individuality of a company."

  • thyssenkrupp

    "In selecting prevero we have our entire financial planning processes in a single system."

  • Villeroy & Boch

    "Unit4 Prevero was the right partner for our project implementation"

  • VNR Verlag für die Deutsche Wirtschaft AG

    "Can speed up decision processes and control our group more efficiently."

  • Vorarlberger Illwerke

    "The options prevero offers open up a new dimension of planning."


    "What we appreciate most about prevero are its flexibility."

  • Womble Bond Dickinson

    "Through prevero we will have more detailed, accurate data that is simple to analyse and draw conclusions from."

  • WSP

    "Coping with change while maintaining and increasing operational excellence was vital."