Bond Dickinson: Profitability Analysis for Legal Firms

Protecting your bottom line means monitoring, measuring, and managing costs. But in a time of increasing competition and consolidation, that’s no longer enough. Understanding the business at a detailed level is more important than ever.

If today’s finance teams are going to make informed decisions they need tools to determine direct, indirect, and activity costs; as well as a clear view of profitability at the department, product and customer levels.

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“At Bond Dickinson, we believe that the better we know our clients the better the service we can deliver. We take time to understand each of our clients and adapt what we do to suit their requirements. This tailored service drives our success and we want to use that success to model the business. Through prevero we will have more detailed and accurate data that is simple to analyse and draw conclusions from. We believe the business will really benefit from this level of intelligence, and that it will help us deliver the best service for our customers in the future. I want to ensure our business planning and analysis is world class, and I’m confident prevero delivers us the technology we need to support that aim.” Martin Lucas, Finance Director, Bond Dickinson

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"Prevero is an especially useful tool for financial planning and analysis (FP&A) groups. It provides a practical alternative to desktop spreadsheets for planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis."

Robert Kugel, Senior Vice President Research Ventana Research