Unit4 prevero Analytics

With analytics and business data volumes set to double every 24 months, finance teams have to improve their ability to respond quickly when business conditions change. Growing data volumes need to be evaluated in real time, and the process of producing monthly reports and analysis has to keep up.

Performance is a vital aspect of business management but relying on spreadsheets and other labour-intensive systems to run reports, dashboards processes can actually inhibit growth., Elaborate analysis needs to be carried out in real time, but do you have the level of data transparency you need?

The Answer

Unit4 prevero’s analytics capabilities enable an integrated approach to business planning, analysis, reporting, forecasting, performance management and controlling.

Making use of the in-memory concept, prevero loads data from all relevant information systems into the solution’s main memory, accelerating processing speeds by several orders of magnitude when compared to standard disk storage systems. That means you spend less time creating reports and validating source data, more time focused on generating insights.

The result is fast access to immediate insights, and report generation without the intervention of IT support. Analytic models, reports, dashboards and ad-hoc analyses can all be easily built and published on a DIY basis. Models that once had to be compiled and calculated overnight are now available immediately.

See how the Unit4 Prevero user interface can enable hassle-free and poweful Microsoft office intergration, allowing you seamless access to your data.