Unit4 prevero Data Integration

Data integration of all relevant business data for a holistic view of performance is essential to modern business management. Information however typically comes from several different ERP, accounting and CRM systems. Formats can vary and not every system shares data seamlessly with others.

For comprehensive business planning, budgeting and forecasting, it is important that all necessary data is available quickly and reliably in order to provide a safe basis for making informed decisions, planning effectively, and responding intelligently to strategic developments.

Finance teams need to work from ‘one single version of the truth’, but how can information from different analytics and data sources be easily integrated and manipulated? What about diverse data formats? Is there a simple solution for individual data structures?

The Answer

Unit4 Prevero’s data integration capabilities enable convenient and transparent access to various source systems. Data is transferred directly to the prevero environment and then linked to existing models, giving finance teams a highly flexible front-end for superior planning, reporting and analysis.

Master data, structural information, and transactional data can all be transferred easily. Thanks to its open architecture, all popular data sources can be connected with little effort. Standardized and extendible connectors enable automated and scheduled imports. With Unit4 Prevero data integration you also gain standardised access to more than 30 ERP systems such as SAP.

Considering a more powerful, cloud based or on-premise business management tool. Examine Unit4 Prevero’s deployment options to see how easy it could be.