prevero User Interface for MS Office, web and mobile

To derive true insights from the reporting process, you need to be able to take all of your data into account. Loads of important data however is atomised across the enterprise in Microsoft Office spreadsheets, documents and presentations.

Finance teams need a way to gather and harmonise these disparate sources of information without having to create new data repositories or lose the benefits of business-standard productivity software.

The Answer

prevero User Interface for Microsoft Office enables users to access prevero data directly from Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Using the Excel add-in, data can even be written back to prevero.

Users can work with prevero data directly in the Microsoft Office products and make full use of the programs‘ benefits without having to store data redundantly. It only takes a few clicks to create reports and automatically fill them with current values, texts and charts. From then on, data can be updated at the push of a button.

Microsoft Office users benefit from the advantages of a central database without losing the familiar functions of the applications they have come to value. Moreover, documents created with prevero components retrieve current data live and directly from prevero.