Project Planning Software

Project Planning software from Unit4 Prevero

For businesses to grow and evolve, efficient project management is an essential part of management.  Successful change depends on running internal projects related to investment, construction, IT, or product development effectively. When it comes to external projects with customer or service provider touch points, effective project management becomes a matter of reputation.

Depending on scope, projects often involve a multitude of project managers, loads of resource, with processes and documentation that vary by need. Common tools for operative budget management often only allow for commercial monitor and control of single projects. When businesses are required to keep so many balls up in the air, this can jeopardise project success and put broader business objectives at risk.

Optimise Project Management with prevero

prevero Project Planning enables you to control several projects at once, and manage your project portfolio in a more efficient way. The system supports and assists you during the entire cycle: from concept development and application, through efficiency & profitability analysis, controlling and reporting, to post calculation.

Post-project learnings can be used to increase the efficiency and standardize project processes. Moreover, the prevero platform offers a seamless integration of all popular source systems, as well as group controlling and planning. In this way, customers are provided with a tool covering all requirements throughout the project value chain.

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