Rolling Forecasts from Unit4 Prevero

Accurate forecasts are essential if finance teams are going to instil confidence across the business for investment and spending decisions. Traditional annual forecasts, however, can become outdated before they are even approved.

By updating the financial outlook continuously with frequent financial reporting - rather than annually, top-performing organisations can account for the risks associated with volatile business conditions, and better reflect likely outcomes.

The Unit4 Prevero solution

Unit4 Prevero Rolling Forecast allows CFOs to make rigid annual budgeting more nimble with efficient and repeatable forecasting processes. In addition to risk mitigation, prevero helps monitor the impact of shifting sales volumes and cost structures on financial targets.

The resulting financial forecasts are integrated with long-term financial plans and operational budgets, to ensure that strategic planning processes are shaped continually by the latest data. And unlike spreadsheet-based forecasts, Unit4 Prevero’s integrated approach links forecasts and financial reports to operational data, reducing data entry errors and keeping data updated.

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Demo: An Introduction to Rolling Forecasts in prevero

Larysa Melnychuk hosted the latest meeting of the London FP&A Club in June 2017, to discuss Best Practice in Rolling Forecasts with a cross-section of FP&A professionals.

Download the presentation to catch up on the latest industry trends and understand how others have implemented rolling forecasts successfully.