Sales and Revenue Planning

Sales and Revenue Planning software from Unit4 Prevero

Successful sales planning means defining the right objectives. You need detailed knowledge of the product mix, and a clear understanding of how to make optimal use of the sales force. All of this is often held back however, by long processing times for relevant base data because of inadequate business analytics.

That can have an immediate effect on individuals’ target agreements and consequently on the amount of remuneration they receive, de-motivating the sales team.

The prevero solution

Unit4 prevero Sales and Revenue Planning offers an integrated approach to planning, analysis and reporting. Our business analytics’ planning function provides a basis to determine the necessary requirements, demands and processes for sales and production.

Which products and regions are the most profitable? What combination of sales channels is best? What is the most efficient bonus structure? prevero allows you to define sales dimensions and generate precise recommendations for individual segments and customers. Our integrated approach covers the short-, medium-, and long-term planning horizons as well as the different planning categories.

Unit4 prevero Sales and Revenue Forecasting supports the entire reporting process. All existing data can be integrated according to the "Single Point of Truth" principle, and in the same reliable way as in a data warehouse.

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