Unit4 prevero for Airports

Sector Solutions

Airports often face a gap between business strategy and the information required to execute it. Complex demand planning on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis requires joined-up data for traffic volumes, technical capacities, and financing options.

How will air traffic demand develop? Is airport capacity in-sync with expected activity? Can we fund investments independently? Airports need to be able to consider fact-based scenarios in order to forecast and manage effectively. A missing link between core data sources makes that almost impossible.                

The solution

With Unit4 prevero for Airports, finance teams can …

  • Determine short, medium and long-term requirements, as well as asset-related operating expenses
  • Undertake margin calculation according to airline, aircraft model, and flight route
  • Integrate financial planning across cost centres, cost types and cost units

Unit4 prevero for Airports offer seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure and standard data systems, enabling finance teams to import external statistics, flight schedules, payment lists, and more for analysis. The result is one source of information and the ability to see the potential impact of multiple future scenarios.

Unit4 Prevero for Airports has been developed by airport experts for airport experts, and built on the knowledge and experience gained from more than 200 successful consulting projects. Our in-house specialists can help provide strategic alignment between your airport and project management processes.

“Apart from the exceptional software functionalities, the prevero team and its comprehensive operational knowledge were a decisive factor. I have never seen software architects quite like that.”