Unit4 prevero for Manufacturing

Sector Solutions

In the Manufacturing sector, all decisions around supply, demand and production have to be optimised in order to minimise their impact on margin. Executives need to understand the likely impact on revenue, working capital, cash position, and operational profitability before action can be taken.

That’s difficult to do when complex financial processes are conducted in isolation, or when production and financial plans are disconnected from performance. Inputs and processes need to be unified from multiple departments and geographies, with central oversight of the entire planning environment in order to adapt to new business circumstances.

The solution

Unit4 Prevero for Manufacturing offers an integrated performance management and business intelligence solution, to help manufacturing companies manage operational and financial performance. With prevero you can unify financial, sales, and production planning with modelling, cash flow, forecasting, and project management. That gives you a single, real-time view of the business in order to make informed decisions.

With Unit4 prevero for Manufacturing, finance teams can …

  • Simplify planning processes across the enterprise with a unified solution for financial and operational planning
  • Control costs by modelling the impact of different business scenarios
  • Inform senior-level strategic decision making with insights from dashboards and visualisations

From supply and demand to production and margins, Unit4 prevero for Manufacturing gives you a robust solution, and the tools and analytics you need to make faster, better decisions – with total confidence in the numbers.