Unit4 prevero for Retail

Sector Solutions

While every retail business is unique, they all have one thing in common: operating in a highly competitive industry changing at an extraordinary pace. Competition for diminished disposable income, combined with fast access to a universe of online deals, has empowered end consumers. Retail margins and business strategies are being tested like never before. 

Success can also add complexity. As retail companies grow, the number and geographic spread of their legal entities grows as well, making it difficult to sustain a clear, unified overview. Amidst all this change, executives still need to control costs, simplify complex business processes, and improve overall performance.

The solution

Unit4 Prevero for Retail offers an integrated Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution that helps retailers better manage operational and financial performance. Our integrated CPM solution allows retail executives to measure, monitor, and manage finance planning, informing strategic decisions affecting both corporate and high street.

With Unit4 prevero for Retail, finance executives can …

  • Consolidate strategic, corporate, and store-level planning in one solution
  • Improve control over direct and indirect costs
  • Calculate labour costs by store, department or employee

Effective Corporate Performance Management requires a deep understanding of the retail industry and its associated vertical and category markets. Unit4 prevero has been working with retail companies for over 20 years to meet the challenges of shifting conditions and an evolving competitive landscape.

"In the past, many employees had to make many calls to get the information they needed for their decisions. Today, they obtain the required data in a fast and accurate way and can use their time for more important things than gathering information."

Heike Rohlfing-Bolte, Head of Controlling