prevero for Utilities

Sector Solutions

Energy utilities have to manage a growing compliance burden as governments apply ever tighter restrictions on tariffs and emissions. New technologies, meanwhile, bring new challenges, with advances in metering, monitoring, billing and customer service models adding more complexity to the mix.

Under pressure to optimise efficiency and do more with less, the challenge goes beyond cost cutting. Somehow the controlling processes for managing assets, regulatory compliance, EEG/KWKG, revenue paths, and grid usage charge calculations all need to be joined up.

The solution

That’s why energy utilities have adopted prevero for Utilities and its unified approach to grid company operational performance. You can manage compliance while taking advantage of planning and simulation functions that take the mechanisms of incentive regulation into account, controlling profitability while monitoring the impact of distributed generation.

With prevero for Utilities, grid operators can …

  • See the effects on profitability, bottom line and cash flow with integrated financial planning
  • Help minimise operating costs, maximise market value, and manage capital investments
  • Better measure current OPEX and CAPEX with closer oversight of production assets

prevero‘s platform for planning, analysis and reporting offers a variety of simulation methods. A unified technology approach enables seamless interaction between modules for asset management, grid usage charge calculation, revenue path management, and EEG/KWKG management.

"prevero provides us with a homogeneous platform for flexible and consistent corporate performance management. It enables us to merge, process and distribute all data relevant for decisions. It is an integrated solution offering transparency and planning security while providing a consistent look & feel, code base and process logic." 

Luca Baroni, CFO

Hear Michael Kohl, Managing Director of RWE Gas Storage discuss how prevero helps improves their Customer Experience and deliver greater successes.